Therapy protocol for international patients

The protocol for international neurological patients is personalized based on the patient’s condition and needs but in general includes intense daily multi-disciplinary therapies that last 4 weeks.

About Antwerp, Belgium

TRAINM is located in the heart of Antwerp’s city center.   While receiving world-class therapies, international patients and their families will also have a chance to appreciate the rich cultural diversity of this stylish European city.  With medieval streets and Renaissance monuments, Antwerp is also the modern European capital of fashion, design and architecture.  While you are here, you can also visit the Royal Museum and Rubens House. 

Traveling to Belgium

TRAINM can arrange to have an interpreter meet you and your loved one(s) at the airport if needed to assist with the initial arrival, check-in process and orientation.  Depending on your country of origin, you fly into Brussels International Airport (30 minute drive to Antwerp) or directly to Antwerp International Airport.  For patients arriving via train, the TRAINM center is a 10 minute walk from the Antwerp Central Station.

We can arrange for handicapped accessible transport to your temporary housing in Antwerp.  While you are in Belgium we will also provide ongoing assistance to coordinate local transportation from your temporary housing to TRAINM center where you will be receiving care.


The TRAINM team works with international patients and their families to provide fully accessible, comfortable home-away-from-home, with amenities tailored to the patient’s needs, close to the TRAINM center in Antwerp.


In Belgium, the official spoken languages are Dutch, French and German, although most people also speak English. The official language in Antwerp is Dutch. We can arrange to have an interpreter if required.

Visa requirements

Traveling to Belgium from the US and EU countries for a short stay does not require a visa.  If you are traveling from countries where a visa is required, upon reviewing your medical records once we determine that you would benefit from treatments at TRAINM, we will give you a Medical Letter, detailing your anticipated treatment protocol and length of stay. You can then use the Medical Letter to secure medical visa requirements.