Lower extremity robotics for pediatrics and adults


At TRAINM we strongly believe in the synergies between technologies, human intervention and a motivating environment. Combining technologies with the expertise and human knowledge of our doctors and therapists, we have the ability to enable better recoveries for the patients. Patients are under continuous care of our multi-disciplinary team of neurologists, physical therapy doctors, nurses and therapists, headed by Dr. Van Havenbergh, Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery and Dr. Deckers, Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at GZA Hospital Group.

TRAINM is the first and only outpatient neuro rehabilitation center to offer patients personalized high intensity therapies by a team of doctors and therapists, coupled with non-invasive brain stimulation, neurotechnology, virtual reality, neuro gaming, artificial intelligence and robotics.


Our approach is always personal. We develop customized recovery strategies for the often complex needs of each individual patient, from the severely neurologically impaired to those recovering from orthopedic and sports injuries. Our physicians use sophisticated sensor-based technologies as accurate and continuous assessment tools to provide patients with a therapeutic protocol that is tailored towards restoring lost function.



Our therapies are offered for pediatrics and adults with neurological and orthopedic impairments of various diagnoses, including but not limited to: vision, cognitive, speech, language, swallowing and motor deficits as well as refractory pain and depression.