TRAINM at TedXHasselt 2017

Member of Belgian Government Philippe De Backer visits TRAINM
March 18, 2017
Deputy Mayor of Antwerp visits TRAINM
April 10, 2017

TEDxUHasselt 2017 invited TRAINM to take the floor together with 12 other speakers from around the globe to share boundary-breaking insights and life-changing stories with the audience.

Co- founder Edward Schiettecatte took the floor to talk about neuroplasticity and how it can be put in use to compensate for injury and disease, providing life-changing therapies to patients who have no other viable chance of recovery.

During his talk, he explained how he and his son came to the idea to start TRAINM—the first and only outpatient neurorehabilitation center that offers patient-personalized high intensity therapies integrated with non-invasive brain stimulation, neurotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

To illustrate the power of neuroplasticity, Edward told the audience the story about the man with no brain…and how he functions normally.

The 44 year-old Frenchman is missing 90% of his brain. He has an IQ of 75, he is married with 2 children and works as a postman. While the man is missing 90% of his brain, he functions perfectly normally.

This means the remaining parts of his brain are able to take up many functions of the parts that are missing.

This story is a story of hope for our patients because the brain can actually be triggered to engage into healing itself.

The brain is not only a very precious and sensitive organ, it is also a very adaptable one.

Neuroplasticity means that people with neurological diseases can actually get better.






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