Deputy Mayor of Antwerp visits TRAINM

Deputy Mayor of Antwerp, Koen Kennis visited TRAINM on the 6th of April and expressed his support and enthusiasm for our initiative.

Their mission is to make Antwerp into a smart city and TRAINM is already operating as a mini-smart city with all the sensor-based data that we collect and analyze for our patients. Their mission is to make Antwerp a European hub for technology and innovation and TRAINM is already the most technologically innovative neuro-rehab center in Europe. Their mission is to enhance tourism and TRAINM is already bringing medical tourism to Antwerp with patients from Egypt to Holland and the U.K. coming for 4 week training sessions.

We are happy we are contributing to the missions of the city of Antwerp and that they are supporting ours!

We are grateful for his visit and look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the City of Antwerp.

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