Our approach

Our highly-skilled medical team design patient-specific treatment protocols that adapt to the progress of  each patient, using innovative technologies and data-driven rehabilitation tools to achieve measurable recoveries, regardless of the cause or severity of the deficit.

Our process


     - Evaluate

    Our team of neuro-therapists will review your medical history and do a full evaluation to create a custom-made treatment protocol, balancing your goals and objectives against what we believe will be possible.


     - Measure

    Every decision we make is based on data. We use established evaluation matrix as well as sensor-based robotics and 3D cameras to quantify your control and movements, allowing us to distinguish true recovery from compensation. We establish a baseline and measure progress against the recovery goals to justify continuation of treatment protocol.


     - Assess

    Based on the evaluations and measurements, our team will assess your recovery possibilities, set realistic recovery goals and develop a tailor-made treatment protocol and timeline to achieve the goals.


     - Therapy

    TRAINM is the first and only outpatient neuro rehabilitation center to offer patients personalised high intensity therapies by a team of doctors and therapists, coupled with non-invasive brain stimulation, neurotechnology, virtual reality, neuro gaming and robotics.


     - Measure and assess progress against goals

    We continue to measure your progress throughout intervals of your treatment protocol to monitor your progress and to make changes to the treatment protocol when necessary.


     - Achieve

    Big or small, we set realistic recovery goals and aim to achieve them.

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