TRAINM becomes the first “Center of Excellence” of DIH worldwide

19 October 2022 – We are delighted to announce that TRAINM has become the first “Center of Excellence” of DIH/Hocoma worldwide.

TRAINM`s mission is to help children and adults with neurological deficits achieve measurable recoveries and to do this even for patients who have been told no further recovery is possible.

TRAINM is using an extensive setup of DIH`s innovative devices like Motek`s RYSEN and C-Mill VR+, Hocoma`s Lokomat®Pro for adults and pediatric and a Lokomat®Nanos as a perfect combination for different severity levels in lower extremity therapy. Accompanied by Hocoma`s Armeo®Power, Armeo®Spring and Armeo®Senso for upper extremities which makes TRAINM’s offering almost the complete DIH product portfolio.

Concurrently with this announcement, DIH proudly launched the Center of Excellence program, recognizing strategic partners that showcase best practices in rehabilitation robotics and share how DIH therapy solutions can contribute to their success model.

The DIH Centers of Excellence also contribute to the continuous development of advanced technology in neurorehabilitation.

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